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Ban Request - "Hurf" "fish power (G.S.N.)" - Munzy - 01-18-2014

Point Farming.

User: Hurf
User: fish power (G.S.N.)
STEAM_0:1:51433332 | Freak Fortress 2 | Los Angeles, CA.
Jan/16/2014: 5:44p Mountain Time.

I don't have the demo, only the fraps footage which took a half-second to start recording (bit of lag in the beginning).
Hurf was doing nothing all round (not captured in the video), not contributing at all until he was the last one alive. From there, fish power, having killed everyone playing as boss, willingly let Hurf get several backstabs and ultimately the kill.
Here is the raw FRAPS footage;

Ban Request - "Hurf" "fish power (G.S.N.)" - Munzy - 01-19-2014

Both have been banned for about a
week. After looking through some more information.