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So, there was a rule we made about the new Elite dodgeball rockets! The first person to complain about them gets the server deleted!


As of this day forward, Elite will no longer be as the rockets just aren’t good enough for you. We know you had a hard time reflecting them, and probably blamed your lag as well. However, in reality it was probably just you.

Don’t worry, in reality though… I’ll probably just reset the rockets to there old config!

Happy 2018!

Recently we cleaned up our server list of the servers that few/no players went on. Below will be the servers we removed to clear up confusion if you were one of the few players who went on them once in a while.

Vs. Saxton Hale (Dallas, Texas):
Slender Fortress (Dallas, Texas):
Dodgeball Bot (Dallas, Texas):
Dodgeball (Dallas, Texas):
Prophunt (San Jose, CA) :
The Hidden (San Jose, CA & Dallas, Texas): |
Trade (Dallas, Texas):
Capture the Flag (San Jose, CA):
Payload {San Jose, CA):

In the meantime we still have many servers that were not removed which can be found on our group bio.

Thank you.

We will be having a server outage today in San Jose for our provider to do maintenance.

Originally posted by Provider:

On Wednesday, October 18th 2017, we will be performing a 2 hour network maintenance event beginning at 10:00 AM PT and ending at 12:00 PM PT

The networking device via which your service is provided is experiencing a hardware failure event which requires a hardware replacement. The estimated downtime for your service is 5-15 minutes although it may be significantly less.

— Munzy