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Before reading the final details we’d like to explain some important information about this tournament on our end:

~ ALL GSN Rules[] apply. If you are caught hacking, no matter what position you are in for the tournament, you will be permanently banned from our servers.
~If you join the password protected tournament server when it is not your match or if you are not on standby, you will be kicked by one of our admins.
~ We are only letting this tournament be hosted on our servers, not running it. If you have any questions please ask

Final Details:

β€’ Starts August 12th 3 PM PST | 6 PM EST
β€Œβ€’ Everyone must be on steam, ready to go. If a team does not show, they will
be disqualified. If only one player shows from a team, they will be given a
β€Œβ€’ Server will have 15 slots, the 4 members playing and 4 on standby, as well
as admins.
β€Œβ€’ All matches will be first to 5, excluding semi finals (first to 8) and grand finals
(first to 10)
β€Œβ€’ Double Elimination.
β€Œβ€’ For the losers side of the semi finals, teams will be randomized every match.
This is to prevent anyone being β€œcarried” all the way to 2nd place without
deserving it.
β€Œβ€’ Nukes will be disabled.
β€Œβ€’ All matches will be held on a GSN Tournament server (Password protected),
as to not disrupt normal gameplay and let people practice on the regular
β€Œβ€’ You may NOT stream the event.
β€Œβ€’ You may NOT spectate the event. It will all be recorded for your viewing
pleasure if you wish to watch later on.
β€Œβ€’ You are allowed to record your POV when your match is up.
β€Œβ€’ Admins will be watching every match, and it will all be recorded. If anyone is
suspected of β€œhacking,” matches may be replayed and the player in question
will be replaced.
β€Œβ€’ Prizes are for top 4 placements only:
Β» 1st place prize: Nuts & Bolts Stanley Steel Toe (Provided by Boscar)
Β» 2nd place prize: Strange Head Prize
Β» 3rd place prize: Minimal wear Flash Fryer (Provided by Chicago
Β» 4th place prize: Unique quality pyro hats
β€Œβ€’ Grand finals consist of members of the final team in a 1v1 to determine the
first place winner.
β€Œβ€’ Brackets can be found here[]
β€’ Tournament may continue onto the next day.
β€Œβ€’ Have fun!

A veteran Dodgeball player known as Leaky Beaky is hosting a Dodgeball Tournament on the GSN servers! To register, click the link below and apply using the Google Form.

1: This is a random partner tournament
2: Double elimination rule set
3: At least 3k points on GSN
4: You may record, but you CAN NOT stream the event
5: All GSN rules apply.

If you need any help or have any questions, you can contact Leaky via Steam.

The Tournament will take place either the last week of July or the first week of August. An announcement will be made when the final details are ironed out.