Server IP is:

Which is located in our LA branch.

Awhile back ago I end up getting a server simply with the intention of creating pseudo version of MvM upgrade system in game. I believe that system was a bit flawed in some ways. Even if it was just for fun. The problem was certain aspects were completely unbalanced. Also the other issue was it never got updated to fix any of those problems. So the server inevitably came down.

Which bring me to today. I have been working on a CTF server again. This time with another system that kind of balances itself out a bit. The plugin is called Escalation (made by Sleepkiller). The other thing that was added was the rest of the official CTF maps on rotation beyond just 2fort. Finally the medic has received a bit of an upgrade with the ability to resurrect dead allied team members and use the MvM shield (both these plugin are made by Wolvan). Note that these are a bit different to their functionality in MvM for some balance. For instance the revive markers only last 15 seconds and in order to use the shield you need 90% full ubercharge.

Beyond that everything else is pretty much the same. Beware this in a test phase simple because of two things.

1. I need feedback.

I would like to know what you think about it. If the plug in is too much of a problem or it’s fine.

2. The stability of the server with the plug-ins.

If people are getting constantly disconnected from the server, or even the server crashing due to the plug-ins. If it becomes too much of a problem I might limit some of the plug ins.

Anyhow good luck and have fun.